Transitions Lead to Transformations

Yes, you read it right 176.3 lbs on this 5'4" frame. If you've got a moment to read about God's grace and mercy on my life and what I am doing about it, get a cup of green tea and pull up a chair. Transparency is tough but many times it benefits others so I pray this helps somebody. When we go through, God uses it to help others get through and uses our transitions for transformations to make us better. Here goes.... It's amazing what happens when life happens. Most of the time, I am a "healthy eater" and [...]

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Living Life on Purpose

When I was downsized for the third time four years ago, little did I realize I would begin one of the best personal and professional development courses I've ever taken...becoming a solo entrepreneur! During the process of establishing my own, I realized there was not one place I could go to get everything I needed to establish a firm foundation. Hence, I decided to capture all the details of my journey, the resources, tools and knowledge gained all in one new book. Pink Slip to POWERHOUSE: 12 Steps to Next is a guide that will empower its reader to [...]

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