Equipping you with tools to remove obstacles and overcome fears and setbacks in order to live life on purpose is Pamela?s mission. For the past 30 years, she has developed people, programs and businesses while gaining a wealth of knowledge in strategic planning, sales and marketing, and as an enterprising entrepreneur. She is a Board Certified Life Coach and Human Behavior Consultant who brings a ?whole? new meaning to doing business.

Pamela welcomes you to the new era of ?Multiple Streams of Income!? She contends that the opportunity to work at a company for 30 years and retire is now defunct and found only in the archives of earlier generations. People are not just looking to make additional income but to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

In her new book Pink Slip to POWERHOUSE: 12 Steps to Next, Pamela shows you how to combine both your purpose and business by sharing her years of experiences, expertise, and resources to help you move from an idea to the manifestation of your dreams. Pamela said, ?When God activated my gift and gave me freedom to flow, He didn?t just turn on a spigot, He ushered in a waterfall.? Indeed, her new book is a ripple effect of the waterfall.

After being downsized for the third time, Pamela founded Legacy Partners, LLC, a firm that puts ideas into action by providing strategic coaching and consulting for small businesses and organizations, professional sales development training and managing special projects. The mission of the company is to advance people, businesses, and communities globally. She has created a life that embodies her values and the company?s mission. In addition, she serves in various capacities in the community.

As an author, speaker, and professional facilitator, she connects with the audience and brings subject matter to life. Pamela is best known for her ingenuity in building something from nothing and her uncanny ability to see the big picture, as well as, the small details. Her engaging and empowering presentation style is certain to move your audience into action.

The determination to follow her dreams and live on purpose is fueled by her greatest accomplishments and joy:? son, Allonte and daughter, Carrington.

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Excerpt from Pink Slip to POWERHOUSE: 12 Steps to Next
?Others of you may have risen up that corporate ladder and made a huge impact in your company. The boss sings your praises and shows his appreciation by giving you larger projects. You are proud of your work and accept challenges with determination and commitment. You work long hours and truly enjoy your job but you leave empty. You find yourself longing for fulfillment beyond the career and there?s a void in your life but you just don?t know how to fill it.?