Pink Slip to POWERHOUSE: 12 Steps to Next will inspire and give tools and resources to utilize gifts, talents, and ideas to reinvent oneself. You will be encouraged by Pamela?s experiences and moved to examine your life and create a legacy for your family while making a positive impact in the world around you. Ultimately, her mission is ?to help you break free of feeling like your destiny is determined by someone else and to give you the essential tools and information to develop and grow your own business.?

The impact of losing a job or facing a life transition can be devastating and turn a family?s life upside down. In 12 steps, Pamela R. H. Lue-Hing reveals the tools to help you remove obstacles, overcome setbacks and fears and take control of your life. Included in the 184 pages are stories from her lesson-filled journey of being downsized three times. She explores the emotional cycle of losing a job, transitioning your mindset from employee to employer, and developing a strategic plan that works.

Pink Slip to POWERHOUSE will help you discover your purpose while removing obstacles and overcoming setbacks in order to create the lifestyle you desire. You will be encouraged by Pamela?s experiences of being downsized not one but three times. You will be moved to examine your life, create a legacy for your family, and make a positive impact in the world around you. Ultimately, you will learn how to start, develop, and grow your own business. Pamela will show you how to move from a cloudy place where fear and uncertainty reside to a place where your dreams can be realized. The world is waiting for you?are you ready?

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Excerpt from Pink Slip to Powerhouse: 12 Steps to Next
?Perhaps you are the person who has taken the bull by the horns and started your own business. You have invested time, energy, and money in writing a lengthy business plan, you have attended workshop after workshop, and every networking organization in the community has your email address?Indeed, entrepreneurship empowers you but it does not prevent you from feeling alone and having little to no support. Quite frankly, many days you feel lost??