Transitions lead to transformations

Yes, you read it right 176.3 lbs on this 5’4″ frame. If you’ve got a moment to read about God’s grace and mercy on my life and what I am doing about it, get a cup of green tea and pull up a chair. Transparency is tough but many times it benefits others so I pray this helps somebody. When we go through, God uses it to help others get through and uses our transitions for transformations to make us better.

Here goes…. It’s amazing what happens when life happens. Most of the time, I am a “healthy eater” and would exercise when my body allowed me but the last three years of: watching my uncle take his last breath followed by a deep depression from the loss of my sweet sister; being a caregiver to my ex-husband and his subsequent passing; moving my amazing 81 year old mom from Detroit to Charlotte, caring for her and frequent visits to the ER, hospital, specialists and doctors with her; the challenges of being a teen dance mom; an unnamed pharmacy filling my daughter’s prescription with a blood pressure medication instead of an allergy medication which could have ended her dance career and her life; being the mom of an adult entrepreneur; doing my best to work my own business, be a consultant and help others; having a colonoscopy and by chance endoscopy only to find a benign polyp in my esophagus and having it removed; then moving my family across the country from North Carolina to Texas, by faith, to allow my daughter to pursue her dreams all while dealing with my own health issues …..Oooooweeee DEEP EXHALE!!!

This past March, one day after my 50th birthday, I was bed-ridden two days later, I landed in the hospital for 5 days and was sent to a Rheumatologist…the diagnosis….Polymyositis, an uncommon inflammatory, auto-immune disease that causes muscle weakness and affects both sides of the body. She put me on 20 mg of Prednisone and I put on over 25 lbs. The polymyositis drove my CK levels up to dangerous levels which affected my heart enzymes. It affected my mood, exacerbated the difficulties of my ADHD and ability to do life and work. I never thought in a million years, I would have extreme difficulties just moving my body, working, thinking, concentrating, headaches, interacting with people, difficulty breathing, burning and dry eyes, always exhausted, memorizing, completing tasks, communicating, making decisions…not to mention, it complicated my menopause symptoms. All of this didn’t happen overnight. Over the last few years, I had issues just lying in bed, couldn’t get comfortable, heels and other parts of my body hurt. Just getting out of bed was a process…(FYI – If you are not aware, auto immune diseases are at an all-time high especially in Black women)

God knew what He was doing. I thought we were coming to Texas for my daughter but I had no idea how much I needed this too. Since we moved, I have had to shut everything down and only do what was required to get us settled which has been 4 full time jobs. The even bigger blessing is being able to get quiet and truly hear from God. So back to the 176.3 lbs. That’s what I weighed last Monday. I was feeling horrible, frequent headaches, blood pressure issues, swelling in my ankle, indigestion, etc. Yesterday, I completed JJ’s 10 day Smoothie Cleanse and got my 6000 steps in 6 out of those 10 days. Results: I lost about 7 pounds and counting. More important, my energy level is up 100%, it has switched my taste buds to only craving healthy foods, my blood pressure has been holding steady without medications, no headaches, my skin looks clearer, my ability to concentrate has increased, my stomach is shrinking, my road rage is better, I have more patience overall and I feel so much better; and now looking forward to her 30 day program.? I pray this blesses somebody. If so, I encourage you to join me on the journey to great health! Bon appetit!

Where are you on your health journey?? Please share your story in the comments below so we can make this journey together.